UK Road Tax System and DVLA

UK Road Tax System and DVLA

The road tax system of Britain is currently going through a big overhaul in attempt to update the system and to keep the government’s money.

The veteran tax disc has already been entrusted to history following the latest system reinstated the punctured paper circle last 2015, instead, an electronic database manages and follows payers of the country’s vehicle excise duty or also known as VED.

With the changes already implied, these questions with answers are going to provide you everything you need to know about the new rules and regulations of Britain’s road tax system.


What were the changes applied?

The following changes will apply in England, Scotland and Wales:

  • Since 2014, drivers aren’t required to show a paper tax disc in windscreens, even if it’s still not expired.
  • For road tax renewal, you can visit through DVLA website, call 0300 123 4321 or apply personally at post offices.
  • Payment changes also apply, motorists are now allowed to play through their debit card. This update doesn’t apply to owners of HGVs and fleet cars.

Where do I check the due date for my road tax?

The DVLA will forward a notification near the expiration date of your digital tax disc. You can also visit their official website by entering your vehicle make and vehicle registration number or call them directly using this DVLA phone number.

How much will it cost me to pay the road tax?

As of today, the costs will depend on the official CO2 emissions of your vehicle. But, for owners of brand new vehicles, your charges are possible higher. You can check the website for an extensive explanation of the rates.

But, Chancellor George Osborne made an announcement that the system will change in the year 2017. Flat rates for that year will be £140 for most vehicles. For owners of brand new cars, you can be charged with a cost of £2, 000 in your first year. Motorists who pay more than £40,000 for a brand new car will also have to pay a £310 supplement on top of the standard rate for five years.


Are owners of classic cars exempted from these taxes?

Yes, these owners will not pay anything. However, they are still required to register yearly on their official website.

Are there disadvantages in the new system?

There will be some setbacks to the new road tax system. Road tax will not be longer moved with the car. This means that the purchaser will not get anything beneficial for the unused months on the tax disc. You’ll have to renew the tax immediately. The seller can get a refund

from DVLA for any full calendar months left on the vehicle’s tax, but will lose the remaining of the current month.

How do I check if my car is taxed properly?

You can check your current tax status by using the DVLA’s Vehicle Enquiry system. You will still be receiving renewal notifications near the due date of your tax expiration.

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