The Coolest Way to Fly Out of India!

The Coolest Way to Fly Out of India!

The title makes you think, doesn’t it? I am sure it does! We’re all looking for the cool stuff at some point in our life, most people do that all the time, and here we tell you the coolest way to do the awesome thing! Yes, coolest ways to Fly out of India.

With so much competition with the airlines and the prices crashing down (pun intended), one can easily take a vacation and fly out and go anywhere, yes, literally anywhere, it’s not like you need an Australia Visa for traveling anywhere.

Here’s some things to keep in mind:

Do some research:


Yes. That’s the part you really need to do.– Find out which is the best route to fly out. You may take a one-two stop flight and enjoy the route too!– Find out the best package. If you don’t make use of the cheaply available flights and hotels, why are they all there so easily available!– Find out the reviews. Of the tour guide, the company and obviously, the place you’re going to.


Remember, we’re telling you the coolest ways to fly out. Compare the different means you could use.– Compare between the rail/road and airways packages if there is a possibility of land connection.– Compare between different airlines and find the best combination of comfort and price. Remember, what’s cheap may not always be better, you need to make sure you have enough energy left to enjoy the holiday.– Compare between the timings. Not just the Indian timings, the timings you reach your destination. It’s better to spend a few more bucks from the pocket than to spend a few more hours sitting in the airplane.

Be prepared:

You need to make sure the journey is cool, right?– Be prepared in terms of luggage. The clothes, laptop, chargers, lotion, medicines and that Australia visa of yours just in case, make sure you get all that.– Make a check list, go through it once.– Make a list of the important numbers and people to contact.– Don’t forget those tickets!

Take pictures:

Memories are made in our minds but adding the camera does have its own perks.– A cool way to fly will have a lot of awesome perks, make sure you take those selfies to brag later.– Pictures with the random people you just met? A cool trip is like half done without some of those!

Don’t forget the mementos.


You never ever… ever.. Forget the mementos. How do you think your friends will treat you if you don’t get some souvenirs for them?– Buy some of the famous stuff. Not the t-shirts with the country name on it, something authentic that makes you look really awesome.– Try the food, get some for the family too if it doesn’t get spoiled.– Get some things you know you won’t find in India, there’s a lot of it you know!

In the end, think about what all a cool trip can do to you. You will be a changed person. Go out and use this to find the coolest ways to fly out of India and have a great trip.