UK Road Tax System and DVLA

UK Road Tax System and DVLA

The road tax system of Britain is currently going through a big overhaul in attempt to update the system and to keep the government’s money.

The veteran tax disc has already been entrusted to history following the latest system reinstated the punctured paper circle last 2015, instead, an electronic database manages and follows payers of the country’s vehicle excise duty or also known as VED.

With the changes already implied, these questions with answers are going to provide you everything you need to know about the new rules and regulations of Britain’s road tax system.


What were the changes applied?

The following changes will apply in England, Scotland and Wales:

  • Since 2014, drivers aren’t required to show a paper tax disc in windscreens, even if it’s still not expired.
  • For road tax renewal, you can visit through DVLA website, call 0300 123 4321 or apply personally at post offices.
  • Payment changes also apply, motorists are now allowed to play through their debit card. This update doesn’t apply to owners of HGVs and fleet cars.

Where do I check the due date for my road tax?

The DVLA will forward a notification near the expiration date of your digital tax disc. You can also visit their official website by entering your vehicle make and vehicle registration number or call them directly using this DVLA phone number.

How much will it cost me to pay the road tax?

As of today, the costs will depend on the official CO2 emissions of your vehicle. But, for owners of brand new vehicles, your charges are possible higher. You can check the website for an extensive explanation of the rates.

But, Chancellor George Osborne made an announcement that the system will change in the year 2017. Flat rates for that year will be £140 for most vehicles. For owners of brand new cars, you can be charged with a cost of £2, 000 in your first year. Motorists who pay more than £40,000 for a brand new car will also have to pay a £310 supplement on top of the standard rate for five years.


Are owners of classic cars exempted from these taxes?

Yes, these owners will not pay anything. However, they are still required to register yearly on their official website.

Are there disadvantages in the new system?

There will be some setbacks to the new road tax system. Road tax will not be longer moved with the car. This means that the purchaser will not get anything beneficial for the unused months on the tax disc. You’ll have to renew the tax immediately. The seller can get a refund

from DVLA for any full calendar months left on the vehicle’s tax, but will lose the remaining of the current month.

How do I check if my car is taxed properly?

You can check your current tax status by using the DVLA’s Vehicle Enquiry system. You will still be receiving renewal notifications near the due date of your tax expiration.

Is It Important To Rent a Car While Travelling

Is It Important To Rent a Car While Travelling

If you’re just traveling in a different estate in the same country or if the foreign country you’re traveling has the same traffic conditions in your own country, then we recommend you renting a car while traveling.

Of course, while visiting another place, there will be a big chance that you will go to a lot of places. But, the question is, should you rent a car? Here are some compelling reasons.

Car Rental vs. Airline Tickets

Couple taking a road trip in vintage convertible.

There are several circumstances where renting a car can be cheaper than buying airplane tickets. Before making any big purchases, always make sure that you compare rates and prices, both with car rental companies and airline tickets. If you already decided the exact date of your trip, do your research by finding car rental companies in the destination. They’re cheaper, especially if you already reserved for it before arriving.

Aside from the cost of buying airplane tickets, you can also save time at the same time. With a rented car, you don’t need to waste hours falling in long lines. You can just get the car you reserved and drive straight to wherever you’re going.

Likeable Image

Trips aren’t just for the purpose of pleasure, but also for business. And if you’re one of those businessmen, you can show up in a meeting with a formal car. This is more business-like, compared to dropping off from a bus, train or a taxi. This is one way to create a good first impression of yourself during a professional meeting with corporates and associates.


Like I’ve mentioned below, you no longer need to wait for a taxi to pick you up in the airport. You also don’t need to burden yourself planning for shuttle reservations to your hotel. You can easily drive wherever you want to go. Renting a car is very useful if you’re going to places that public transportations can’t reach. You don’t have to follow a certain limited schedule, you can freely enjoy your holiday trip.

Test Driving

If you are planning to buy a particular model of car and at the same time thinking of traveling, you should consider using that model by finding a car rental agency that can provide with that certain model. This extended test drive that could last for days, allowing you to evaluate its performance and make a more informed decision. But, you’ll have to contact several agencies if you really want to limit your choice of the model you want. You should also make sure that your driving license is valid by calling DVLA (DVLA phone number can be found here).

Gas Price


Gas price may be low in some places, but it could definitely hike if you’re planning to take your old vehicle in long distance trips. There are available latest models with good mileage that can significantly save costs for gas.

Traveling as a Group

Renting a car, especially a large one like an SUV or a van will allow you to travel with a large group of people, namely friends and family members. This is better than wasting your time finding taxis. Instead of two separate groups, you’ll be able to enjoy your time as a whole.

Top Historical and Cultural Landmarks in Turkey

Top Historical and Cultural Landmarks in Turkey

Turkey receives a lot of tourist yearly whom visit there to see the popular ancient scenery is this city has to offer. If you are looking for a place with rich ancient history, then Turkey is the place to be. There are amazing landmarks you can tour and explore. The friendly locals and tour guides will tell you interesting stories about each landmark in Turkey.

Aya Sofya

The Roman Ruler Justinian built the Aya Sofya during the 537 AD. This was the biggest basilica in the Christian religion for many years. Its huge dome is 200 feet from the earth, and it is 100 feet wide. The walls, which are made from mosaic, are the major art works that are still present until now.

Sultanahmet Mosque


This mosque is the most popular in Turkey and in the Islamic religion. It was constructed in the best Turkish architectural design from 1609-16-16. The structure is popularly referred to as the Blue mosque due to its classic interiors of over 20,000 blue tiles.

Topkapi Palace

Topkapi place is the major landmark that one can visit in Istanbul. It is one the major visited historical museums in Europe and the one with most tourists in Turkey. The palace was like an office in the Ottoman era for almost 400 years in the 15th and 19th centuries. Its primary features were completed in 1478, then remodeled and expanded with new features with every sultan that ruled. It later became a ghost palace in 1855, when ruler Addulmeicit, shifted to a new palace in Dolmabahce. In the year 1924, it was made a museum with instructions from Ataturk.

Dolmabahce Palace

It was constructed during the 19th century during the era of Addulmeicit; it is 600 meters long and lies on the shores of Bosphorus. The palaces artifacts are still intact with its wall mosaic and furniture. It is stated that the decorations of the place were made from 40 tons of gold and silver. The palace contains 285 rooms, 43 salons, and 6 washrooms. Today it is a museum, which is accessible by the public on specific days of the week, and it is one of the ancient landmarks in Istanbul that one ought to tour.

Kariye Museum

The museum is the second major ancient landmark in Istanbul. The structure was constructed during the 11th century and was dedicated to Jesus Christ. After Turkey conquered, the worship place was abandoned for a while, and was later changed into a mosque in 1511 with addition of a dome. It was again changed into a museum in 1948 and it was maintained and neatly kept by the American Institute of Byzantine. The museum has ancient stories that interestingly explain it.



The historical town of Troy if found 30km to the south west of Canakkle in Marmara Turkey. It was one of the major cultural towns of Anatolia. Archeological discoveries have proven nine different times of settlement at the scene, comprising of ruins of the town walls, the worship place, and a theater. The earliest inhabitants were there over a thousand years ago, and the final construction was similar to the previous Roman rule. The popular Trojan battle happened at this place at around 1200 BC. A wooden horse symbolizes well historic battle that took place.

Turkey has a lot to offer to visitors when it comes to history and culture. . With such an interesting history, you can apply for turkey visas for the beginning of an amazing holiday in Turkey.

The Coolest Way to Fly Out of India!

The Coolest Way to Fly Out of India!

The title makes you think, doesn’t it? I am sure it does! We’re all looking for the cool stuff at some point in our life, most people do that all the time, and here we tell you the coolest way to do the awesome thing! Yes, coolest ways to Fly out of India.

With so much competition with the airlines and the prices crashing down (pun intended), one can easily take a vacation and fly out and go anywhere, yes, literally anywhere, it’s not like you need an Australia Visa for traveling anywhere.

Here’s some things to keep in mind:

Do some research:


Yes. That’s the part you really need to do.– Find out which is the best route to fly out. You may take a one-two stop flight and enjoy the route too!– Find out the best package. If you don’t make use of the cheaply available flights and hotels, why are they all there so easily available!– Find out the reviews. Of the tour guide, the company and obviously, the place you’re going to.


Remember, we’re telling you the coolest ways to fly out. Compare the different means you could use.– Compare between the rail/road and airways packages if there is a possibility of land connection.– Compare between different airlines and find the best combination of comfort and price. Remember, what’s cheap may not always be better, you need to make sure you have enough energy left to enjoy the holiday.– Compare between the timings. Not just the Indian timings, the timings you reach your destination. It’s better to spend a few more bucks from the pocket than to spend a few more hours sitting in the airplane.

Be prepared:

You need to make sure the journey is cool, right?– Be prepared in terms of luggage. The clothes, laptop, chargers, lotion, medicines and that Australia visa of yours just in case, make sure you get all that.– Make a check list, go through it once.– Make a list of the important numbers and people to contact.– Don’t forget those tickets!

Take pictures:

Memories are made in our minds but adding the camera does have its own perks.– A cool way to fly will have a lot of awesome perks, make sure you take those selfies to brag later.– Pictures with the random people you just met? A cool trip is like half done without some of those!

Don’t forget the mementos.


You never ever… ever.. Forget the mementos. How do you think your friends will treat you if you don’t get some souvenirs for them?– Buy some of the famous stuff. Not the t-shirts with the country name on it, something authentic that makes you look really awesome.– Try the food, get some for the family too if it doesn’t get spoiled.– Get some things you know you won’t find in India, there’s a lot of it you know!

In the end, think about what all a cool trip can do to you. You will be a changed person. Go out and use this to find the coolest ways to fly out of India and have a great trip.